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I've worked for several years as a photographer and filmmaker, both in companies and production, but also as a freelancer. I am open to work with photography and filmmaking. I've photographed weddings, events, competitions, portraits and much more. You can check out some of my stuff in the portfolio



Ziba is an NGO that I started in 2023 with the goal of creating a more connected and caring society. I work as a project manager. Check it out here:



Antennen is a channel and platform for music, art, literature and everything culture has to offer! I founded Antennen in 2023 with a friend. 


Photographer / project managing

PaperTale is a company changing the clothing industry and how we produce things by providing full traceability in the supply chain. Through their app you can see the entire journey of a garment and also who made it. They are eliminating child labour, bad wages, slavery work, bad working conditions and exploitation in the clothing industry, and they don't plan on stopping there.
Here I worked for 1  1/2 year with photography, videography, marketing, som project management, making workshops and general management. This gave me much insight into the clothing industry and different ways to tackle very complex problems.

Organisationen MÄN


MÄN is a Swedish organisation working with Redefining Masculinity, that is, to create positive and healthy societal structures for men to be able to be vulnerable and thereby creating safe spaces and a culture of talking to each other instead of harmfull and violent norms.
Here I am a volunteer talking to people and participating in talks, podcasts and meetings. 

Good Clothes, Fair Pay

Volunteer / ambassador

Good clothes Fair pay is a EU petition for fair pay for all garments workers in the world. I spread information and engage people to sign the petition and get ingaged for worker rights.

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